The Vision

We want to reach students where they are at on their campus with the love and presence of Jesus.  One of the main vehicles to deliver this message is by providing pizza for students in a club setting during the lunch hour.  You can make a huge difference in the lives of literally hundreds of kids in our schools and region by giving towards our pizza costs.  Click the link below and sign up to be a monthly partner.

Our goals for students are to:

  • Be a genuine model of what Jesus looks, loves and lives like.
  • Shift culture in the way students relate to each other, and to authority
  • Be a tangible consistent, mentoring presence in their life
  • Follow-up texting and conversation during the week
  • Create bridges to youth group and Cornerstone Church

Our goals for teachers are to:

  • Be a blessing and resource for mentoring
  • Meet practical needs on campus or in the lives of students
  • Be a source of love and encouragement.


We need God to raise up MANY spiritual moms and dads to partner with his heart for the next generation.  If you are interested at all in becoming a mentor or volunteer click the link below to start the process.  You are absolutely integral in Jesus' mission and ministry to the generation he is rising up for such a time as this!