Pursuing God's Presence

Honor => Honoring God’s presence above all things and others above ourselves. 

Humility => God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble...we want to become grace all our ways acknowledging HIM as King who graciously governs and guides the humble in his righteousness.

Hunger => For his presence, power and purposes to flood the earth as it is in heaven. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all of your heart. You fill the hungry with good things.

Practicing the Way of Jesus

Honesty => We want to be honest of our true condition and confident in God’s provision. God desires truth in our inmost being so that his truth can set us free and keep us free. It is our desire to have God slay the hypocrisy in all of us so that we can participate more fully and faithfully in the way of Jesus. God cannot heal what we conceal and he wants to flood every part of his creation with his healing love!

Hospitality => We want to be a welcoming community that makes space for the other to find a place to belong at the table of the Lord BEFORE believing or behaving the right way. We have been received on account of the sheer loving-kindness of Jesus and so we are called to extend that same hospitable invitation to the world around us. We want to pursue a love that covers a multitude of sins and that is committed to seeing the grace of God enfold and empower each son or daughter to be raised up to their full potential in Christ.

Holiness => We become what we behold in the Lord.  He is holy, unmixed, pure, radiant and totally ravishing. Our desire is to respond to his holiness with wholehearted and steadfast love; responding to the One who loved us first. We long to grow in our cry, like the Psalmist, to live for the one thing, to gaze at the beauty of Jesus and dwell in his presence all the days of our life (Psalm 27:4). The call to holiness is the call to become fully alive and dynamically connected to Christ!

Living to See God's Kingdom Come

Holy Ambition => God wants to redeem, reconcile and renew all things in Christ.  As such, we dare to DREAM with God in seeing him rebuild ruined cities, restore foundations in families and transform culture through a people passionate for Jesus and filled with his presence. We want to risk, reach and run after all that God has in his heart for our generation and for our time!

Healing => Jesus modeled, taught, prayed and passed on his on earth as it is in heaven mission to his disciples! We want to partner with the Father and the Son in the power of the Holy Spirit to continue the ministry and mission that Jesus began.  We long to see the fruits of the Spirit growing and gifts of the Spirit flowing in every believer spilling over into abundant kingdom life!

Health => The gospel of the kingdom is the power of God made manifest in Christ and available to us by the Spirit to transform every part of our humanity. As such we are committed to pursuing spiritual, emotional, physical, relational, mental, social and racial wholeness and health in the grace of Christ together.