You are LOVED

We know that every person who comes through the doors of our church has an incredibly personal story filled with many ups and downs, sorrows and setbacks, victories and triumphs, heartaches, headaches and happiness. 

Buried beneath the soil of every soul there is the image of God!  This means that every story, no matter its current reality has unbelievable potential! Because you bear the mark and image of God you are valuable, beautiful, significant and desirable! God doesn't make mistakes! 

EVERY PERSON is welcomed to come as they are and find themselves immersed in the EPIC KINGDOM STORY which reveals the love of the Father, grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and healing presence of the Holy Spirit! There is room in this story for YOU!

What Does the Church Want From Me?

We believe that God desires EVERY PERSON on the planet to come to him through his Son Jesus Christ. Therefore, what WE WANT for you as a church community called Radiant is ultimately to partner with what JESUS WANTS for you!  In the Gospel of Matthew we find the greatest invitation ever given to humanity from Jesus himself:

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30)

In this passage Jesus presents himself as the very SOURCE of life itself!  Not only is he the source but He is also the Teacher. He calls you and me to become his students...which is what the word disciple means.  All of us are invited and then empowered by the Holy Spirit to learn how to live directly from the one who invented life itself...JESUS! 

Jesus wants us to take the heavy yokes off our backs that we picked up from our performance and accomplish/accolade/applause-driven culture; to get off the endlessly spinning wheel of fame, fortune and followers; to trade the ever elusive promise of deep and abiding joy through the bigger, brighter and better thing everyone is talking about. Yes, even the yoke of religious busyness and legalism which can far too often serve as a cheap and miserable substitute for real relationship with Jesus himself!

We're invited to learn to live in light of who Jesus is, what Jesus has done, what Jesus wants to do in, around and through us and ultimately what Jesus will do at the end of the age when he comes to makes all things new!

This truly is what we desire for YOU and every person on the planet!  To say YES to Jesus and the life-long quest of learning to live all of life as he DESIRES and DESIGNED.

Core Commitments

  • We are committed to becoming a people who are DEVOTED to Jesus and the lifelong journey of DISCIPLESHIP.
  • We are committed to becoming a community that helps people DISCOVER their purpose and place within the story of God and DEVELOP their redemptive potential for his glory and their good.
  • We are committed to becoming a people who both DEMONSTRATE and DECLARE the Gospel of the kingdom together through our relationships, vocation; the stewardship of our time, treasure and talent; works of justice, compassion and mercy.

What Does That Mean Specifically?

There are five DYNAMICS we hope to see cultivated in every person who calls Radiant home:

  1. Follow the Way of Jesus by becoming a disciple (life-long student) and not just a religious consumer or spectator.
  2. Gather consistently for corporate worship on Sundays as a community of kingdom disciples.
  3. Participate in a Community Group or class throughout the week as family of disciples on mission together in the power of the Spirit.
  4. Serve on one of our teams which enables each person to discover and develop their passions, purpose and grow in the gifts given to them by God to be used for his glory, their good and the building up of the body of Christ. 
  5. Give the entirety of our lives which includes tithes, offerings, time, treasure and talent for the building up of the church, equipping of the saints and expansion of the kingdom of God here, near and far.

5 Dynamics in Narrative Form

That each person who calls Radiant home move from being an attender, spectator or consumer and actively engages Jesus on the road of discipleshipThis simply means that Jesus is not just a part of our lives but that he is our very life (Colossians 3:4).  We seek to align ourselves personally and collectively to his ways, words and work.  We want to abide in, commune with and follow Jesus in all things.  A disciple is simply a lifelong student learner who loves Jesus, follows Jesus, seeks to obey Jesus and then helps others do the same.  There are no experts among us but there are those who have more experience; who have journeyed longer and further in their apprenticeship to Jesus.  We need mothers and fathers in the school of following Jesus who can help us make progress in our journey as well.  Our desire is that each person who considers Radiant home is raised up to become a spiritual mom or dad to those around them.  So, the number one commitment…sign up to be a disciple.  Put another way, to become a person and people who practice the way of Jesus together.  

The second commitment is that we would be disciples who weekly gather on Sundays to celebrate, be encouraged and regularly come together as a body of believers to realign and recalibrate our lives according to the good news of God’s kingdom.  We are reminded week in and week out that we are not alone!  We gather on Sundays to corporately worship in song, pray for one another, break the bread and drink the cup at the Lord’s table, immerse ourselves in the Scriptures, receive teaching and training to live the gospel out in our everyday lives.  So, one and two together…we are after becoming disciples who practice the way of Jesus and who regularly gather together for worship, word, prayer and fellowship on Sundays.

The third commitment is that we would become disciples who gather and participate in community on mission together throughout our week.  As an all of life student of Jesus EVERY PART of our life is an opportunity to show and share his love!  In a very real sense our homes are the front door of the church and our families, friends and neighbors are our first mission field.  What might happen if a community of disciples started believing and living in to this all of life reality?!?!  

We want to strategically and devotedly participate with others throughout the week practicing the way of Jesus TOGETHER!  This means participating in community groups and discipling relationships that spill out of our Sunday gathering.  This is the PRIMARY way the Spirit forms, shapes and equips us to live out our faith in the practical and seemingly mundane stuff of life.  Beloved, we are disciples of Jesus which means class is always in session because Jesus is Lord of all.  Therefore, our desire is to become a people who are disciples of Jesus that gather on Sundays and scatter throughout our week intentionally being formed into the image of Jesus, practicing his kingdom way of life and who further the mission of God at home, at work, in our neighborhoods, networks, and among families and friends.  Even viewing our work as an extension and perhaps the primary way we can faithfully worship Jesus and bring him glory. 

The fourth commitment is that we would be disciples who gather, scatter and serve together!  Did you know that as a faith community and spiritual family, each person matters!  Each person has a unique contribution to make to the overall life and vitality of our church and the extension of God’s mission in the world.  So we want to see each disciple here raised up to that next level of serving God by serving one another on Sundays and throughout the week.  Because we are disciples of Jesus we serve, period!  Mark 10:45 says, Jesus did not come to be served but to serve and give his life as a ransom for many.  In other words, the entire posture of Jesus’ life was one of serving his Father and the world around him.  Jesus said it himself, “I am among you as one who serves…now that I your Lord and Teacher have done this, you will be blessed if you do what I modeled.” (Luke 22:27, John 13:13-17) We have more than eight different teams (and growing) that you can jump in on right now to serve, grow in your gifts and explore new and exciting opportunities to further God’s kingdom and build up the church.  So jump in!

The fifth commitment is that we would be disciples who gather, scatter, serve and give!  We want to see each person here grow in their eagerness to contribute to the life and mission of our church and the furtherance of the kingdom of God here, near and far through giving.  By giving I mean our time, treasure and talents.  Because we are not our own and have been bought with a price (by Jesus, 1 Corinthians 6:19) we are learning to live lives as his disciples where everything we are, possess and have are a means to the end of glorifying Jesus in all things.  That means that each of us is called to offer our very lives as a living sacrifice to Jesus and his mission on the earth.  Central to Jesus’ mission to remake, restore, redeem and reconcile all things to himself through the life and ministry of the local church (HIS BODY!). God’s intention is to fill all things with the glory of Jesus THROUGH his body, the CHURCH (Ephesians 1:17-23).  Therefore, you really matter!  The giving of your time, treasure, tithes and talents are absolutely essential for the life of our church and the ministry of Jesus to advance in powerful ways.  

So, what will you decide?  Will you jump in with us?  Will you sign up to become a disciple practicing the way of Jesus who gathers weekly in corporate worship, who scatters purposefully following the Spirit’s leadership in your life to intentional community, discipling relationships and to participate in the mission of Jesus?  Will you go the next level and say yes to serving the vision of Jesus for this local church and give toward seeing his kingdom established in Santa Maria, on the Central Coast and around the globe together with those around you?  It’s time!  Let’s set our hearts to jump in and experience the abundance, blessing and flourishing that flows from rightly orienting our lives together around the person, presence and power of Jesus Christ, the King of a spotless, radiant, pure and powerful church.  Why not you?  Why not me?  Why not us?