Friday nights

This is our main youth service where we work hard to create an environment where any young person can feel like they belong, regardless of their church background or potential lack thereof. 

We have food together, worship, hear an understandable message from the Bible, and then connect in smaller groups with incredible adult mentors and other teens who are learning to live like Jesus together.  

We gather at 6:30, start service at 7, and wrap up the night at 9. 

Although we mostly serve Jr High and High School students, we are flexible with ages and allow the teens who come to bring both older and younger siblings to this gathering. We work hard to create a family atmosphere where everyone feels valued and included.

Sunday mornings

We love the local church and enjoy having time worshiping together in service. 

After the worship time we have youth class in the Loft. 

We use this time to read scripture, make observations about what God is saying to us through it, 

and share ways it applies to our lives today. 

This is a group discussion format and everyone is encouraged to participate. 

We believe that the best way to learn to live like Jesus is to read his word

and work out ways to live it out together, in community. 

Sunday service starts at 10 am, and ends around 11:30.

monday nights

This is a smaller home gathering in Nipomo, and our goal for this night is to create a space

for teens who have a desire to dig deeper in their faith and grow their leadership skills.  

We focus on training them to lead on campus, in their homes, 

and serve as student leaders at the Friday night service.

This gathering is open to anyone who is serious about their walk with God

and wants to make a dynamic impact on their community. 

We meet at Emily Zimmerman's house in Nipomo at 6:30 and wrap up at 9. 

460 Casa Real, Nipomo